Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek

Trail development map

Iditarod trailblazer Jujiro Wada

  1. Partner with or form a new community organization (“Friends of…..”). A recognized local entity has greater standing with grant-funders, agencies, and government.
  2. Describe your vision and brainstorm benefits (e.g. economic, safety, cultural) to diverse stakeholders. A good trail project benefits the community broadly! Brainstorm obstacles and alternatives.
  3. Talk to stakeholders: land owners, agencies, neighbors, users, businesses…
  4. Document trail needs, obstacles, and alternatives. Take photos in different seasons.
  5. Map out the trail, including GPS tracks, GPS coordinates and pictures of critical areas.
  6. Identify all property owners. Reach out early, letting people know that the project is in an early feasibility stage.
  7. Research funding and volunteer needs and sources.
  8. Choose a realistic first goal and timeline.
  9. Check in regularly with stakeholders.
  10. Develop a plan that documents details from above, and that describes how and when the trail would be developed.

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