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Grant Guidelines and Application

The Fall 2018 grant application period is now closed. The next grant cycle will be Spring of 2019.

Heritage Area Purposes:

To recognize, preserve, and interpret the historic, scenic, and natural recreational resources and cultural landscapes of the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm historic transportation corridor, and to promote and facilitate the public enjoyment of these resources.


Essential Criteria:

1. Project must be consistent with Heritage Area purposes, and increase public awareness and appreciation for the natural, historical and cultural resources of the Heritage Area.
2. Project must be within the Heritage Area.  (Possible exceptions could be made for support of exhibits about the National Heritage Area.  For example, a forthcoming exhibit about the Dena’ina people which will be housed in the Anchorage Museum.)
3. A community, non-profit or governmental organization active within the Heritage Area, must sponsor the project.  This includes organizations with an interest in the Heritage Area as part of a larger sphere of activity. Involvement, collaboration, and communication with stakeholders will be part of the development of project proposals.
4. If public lands are involved, project must have the approval of the governmental agency.
5. Matching non-federal funding of 50 % or more of the cost must be committed to the project.
6. Project proposal must include a reasonable and feasible budget and schedule for accomplishing the project.
7. Project proposal must include a plan for maintaining the improvements for the benefit of the public.
8. Heritage Area funding for privately owned historic structures will be limited to preservation of aspects of the structure that are visible and accessible to the public.  To receive Heritage Area funding, private owners must commit to maintain the historic appearance of the structure for a reasonable length of time.
9. Project proposal must designate an individual who will serve as liaison with CCA and will be responsible for accomplishing the project.  The liaison may be the individual proposing the project.
10. Project location and proposed Heritage Area share must be consistent with CCA’s goal of achieving an equitable and reasonable geographic distribution of assistance among the communities and traveled ways of the Heritage Area.
11. Projects that are part of a system of traveler information in the Heritage Area must be easily identified as components of the system, and must be located to be safely accessed by the public and to minimize impact on scenic resources.

Additional Considerations – Desirable, but not required:

1. Project will encourage the economic viability of the community and the region.
2. Project will employ local people.
3. Project will create a new partnership benefiting the purposes of the Heritage Area.
4. Project will be over-matched by partnership funding that also helps accomplish the Heritage Area purposes of the project.
5. Project will involve young people and help them learn about the Heritage Area.
6. Project will build on a proven success by expanding and enhancing a successful project meeting Heritage Area criteria.


Instructions (Grant application period is currently closed)

  1. Click here to download and complete the KMTA Grant Project budget worksheet (If you are filling out this pdf in the web browser, you must click Print -> Save as PDF in order to save and download your changes.)
  2. Click the button below to go to the online KMTA grant application. Upload your Project Budget Summary form when prompted.

KMTA Grant Application

Copy of 2018 KMTA Grant Questions